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Safe Tub Access products give the mobility impaired individuals the confidence, independence, and the security to take a bath or shower without worry and hassle. Safe Tub Access has multiple options that are affordable and can be installed in one day. Pick from the two different options that will allow ease of entry into your existing bathtub. One provides you with a step through option turning your bathtub into a shower. The other allows you to not only step through and shower but insert a watertight feature that will allow you to soak in a bathtub when desired! We invite you to contact us at 281-724-4443 when the need arises for more information.

The installation process for a walk-in bath must be done with precision to avoid plumbing, electrical and potentially other damages caused by improper installation. These damages could cost the homeowner hundreds, if not thousands for remediation and plumbing services. By choosing the Safe Tub Access step through conversion you avoid having any potential for any plumbing or electrical headaches. You can call us at 281-724-4443. Also you do not have to wait minutes for water to fill or drain while you are sitting in the tub freezing!

About Safe Tub Access

Safe Tub Access was founded by Ryan David and has been serving the Panorama Village, Texas area with pride ever since. Our dedication to customer service and high standards of quality have helped us to grow year after year. This passion has helped us become a leader in the walk in accessibility industry.

Why Choose Safe Tub Access

Industry leader

Economical solution to a life changing need

Easy payment terms-cash, check, credit card, AND financing available

Service can be completed in less than a day and is mess free, No major construction needed.