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What is Safe Tub Access Conversion?

Safe Tub Access conversion is a product developed with the main purpose of converting your traditional bathtub in a more comfortable easy to access tub. The Safe Tube Conversion allows you to go into the bathtub in a safer setting without the hassles or discomforts of lifting your legs and feet. Besides convenience, the conversion offers practicality, because the product can be installed in a matter of hours. Opposite to other remodeling process, this one is not messy at all. And as an extra benefit, its cost is really affordable for anyone’s budget when comparing to typical remodel costs.

What are the benefits of the Safe Tub Access Conversion?

The most difficult experience most encounter at least once in his life when using a bathtub is the struggle of the moment when entering or leaving it. The height of bathtubs forces users to lift the feet, becoming unbalanced and starting a risky situation. The conversion that Safe Tub Access offers provides safer aging in place for those who would prefer less assistance in their home. 

And they are:

Reduction of the risk of slipping and falling : When you enter or leave the tub, you must lift up your feet, sometimes higher than you are able to. Being unable to get over the tub normally you tend to modify your entering and exiting strategy but this increases the chance of slipping and falling. With the Safe Tub Access Conversion there is no need of lifting feet more than a few inches as oppose to 24 inch.

Facilitate access to the bathtub to caregivers :  The Safe Tub Access entrance makes the access and accommodation of bathers and caregivers easier.

Extend the independence of elderly people at bath time:  Seniors do not have the same flexibility and balance abilities to safely enter or exit a traditional tub. The Safe Tub Access Modification allows them to enter easily without needing extra help.


Saving money on a walk-in bathtub:  Walk-in bathtubs have proven over time to be a costly nightmare. Many buyers have even mentioned that they are unable to use the unit because of the fear of injury it may cause. Also, the plumbing and electrical upgrades that you MUST have done to accommodate the tub is time consuming and often a much bigger expense than one expects. Using the Safe Tub Access Conversion we are only cutting a portion of the EXISTING tub and adding a step thru path for safer entering and exiting a bathtub. No messy construction of any kind and no plumbing or electrical modifications needed.