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For older adults, falls threaten their health, independence, and quality of life. The MOST dangerous place in your home is the bathroom! No matter how big or small, it is an area that is notorious for being slippery which often leads to slip and fall injuries! Bathroom falls are one of the major causes of accidents among people with painful or limited mobility? Getting in and out of a bathtub with a high step over is often a dangerous situation for many seniors or persons with mobility impairments and can often make living at one’s own home difficult or nearly impossible due to lack of independence. According to studies performed by the Council of Aging, more than 250,000 accidents occur each year to Americans aged 60 years or older in and around the bathtub area. Two thirds of adults that fall in the bathtub area will fall again within a six-month period. Traditionally the only answer was to rip out the bathtub and install a separate shower at a significant expense, stress, and mess. That is why we are so pleased to offer our newest customizable design.


A Safe Tub Access Conversion eliminates the high step over of your bathtub allowing you to safely enter and exit when showering. This is our most cost effective solution for a tub to shower conversion. Our trained professionals courteously and conveniently handle your installation quickly so you’re free to use your new step-in shower within 24-48 hrs. Our expert installers will measure for your bathtub opening and cut out the required area onsite. Then, build and install your custom step securely in place. If you would also like us to install grab bars or other safety accessories we can normally do these services at the same time with notice of need at the time of ordering (at an additional charge.)   

The Safe Tub Access Conversion has been designed to fit any tub, allowing versatility that fits your needs. Whether you have a higher profile tub, specialty tub or you just need the threshold to be as low as possible, the Safe Tub Access Conversion is the way to go. Fabricated on site to custom fit perfectly to your specific tub! When compared to “Pre-made, one size fits all, and cut and insert products” it is undeniably a better product. The other products will only reduce the threshold by a few inches, still leaving a large step over. Also, the other products will leave you with large hang overs on both the inside and outside of the tub. This could cause issues that can ultimately cause you to fall. (i.e., catching your foot on the lip of the step when getting in or out, reduce inside space enough that you are unable to fit even the smallest tub chair, etc.)  The custom conversion that we have designed will reduce the threshold to the LOWEST possible threshold. 

Watch one of our install video clips below to see how we can quickly transform your bathtub to a low threshold shower without a mess, remodel, or plumbing upgrades needed!!



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